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Los Angeles, California, United States
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California,United States


Item Form : Powder
Package Information : Bag
Flavour : Coffee


  • INGRIDIENTS : Coffee 80% & Chicory 20%
  • GIVE A FRESH START TO YOUR DAY with a sip of Bayar's Classic Instant Coffee and let the bold taste with rich aroma of the instant coffee awaken your senses to new opportunities.
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED BEANS: The instant coffee powder is made from a selected blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. These beans are freeze dried to capture their flavours. Enjoy the taste of freshly brewed black coffee to power your mornings. Feel the freshness of hand-picked beans with every sip.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Bayar's offers a delightful coffee experience in a totally convenient way! You can be your own coffee artist and get great tasting coffee at home with the easy-to-prepare instant coffee powder.

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