Black Pepper Whole (Kali Mirch Sabut)

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Good for Health: The spice is considered good for respiratory health. The piperine pigment found in it has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can enhance the absorption and function of certain nutrients and beneficial compounds like cucurmin, Beta- carotene etc. Besides, organic black pepper is said to help in enhancing digestion and circulation, stimulating the appetite, and helps maintain respiratory system health and the health of the joints.

Mentions in Ayurveda - Considered warm in nature, black pepper is used to treat cold and cough. It is called ‘Marich’ in Sanskrit which is the synonym of sun, signifying it’s hot properties. Another meaning of Marich is one that kills (worms). Black Pepper is considered an important healing spice in Ayurveda. Along with long pepper and ginger, it forms the herbal preparation called trikatu, an important ingredient in many ayurvedic formulations.

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