BRU Gold Instant Coffee Powder

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Brand : Bru
Item Form : Powder
Flavour : Unflavoured
Caffeine Content Description : Caffeinated


  • BRU Gold 100g | Premium Freeze Dried Blend of Robusta & Arabica Beans for a Rich Flavor Experience | The Finest Blend South Indian Black Coffee
  • BRU INSTANT COFFEE: It is the perfect blend of rich, robust flavour and authentic South Indian taste. Made from the finest coffee beans sourced from the hills of South India, this instant coffee powder is crafted to bring you the authentic taste of coffee. Kickstart your day with BRU black coffee.
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED BEANS: The instant coffee powder is made from a selected blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. These beans are freeze-dried to capture their flavours. Enjoy the taste of freshly brewed black coffee to power your mornings. Feel the freshness of hand-picked beans with every sip.
  • FINE BLEND OF THE BEST BEANS: Every sip you take from the instant coffee is made from the best coffee from South India, providing a premium coffee-drinking experience. The combination creates a smooth brew with an aromatic flavour to enrich your mornings in the right mood.
  • GREAT AROMA OF FRESH COFFEE BEANS: BRU coffee powder is a premium blend of aromas and flavours. The flavour is captured in every cup, making them unique and refreshing. Sourced from local coffee plantations and freeze-dried to perfection, savour your refreshing morning BRU coffee with every sip.
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