Ice Cream Cake - Golden Fantasy

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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Speciality : Love Theme Cake
Diet Type : Vegetarian
Diet Type : Vegetarian


  • Upon opening, you're greeted with a magnificent red velvet cake, a culinary masterpiece designed to be the highlight of any festivity. This cake is a testament to the art of baking, crafted with attention to every detail. Encased in a cake box, this beautiful cake will arrive in a wonderful condition with its freshness and aesthetic appeal intact.
  • Exquisite Appearance: This red velvet cake is a feast for the eyes, boasting a rich, deep red hue that promises indulgence. The cake's surface is flawlessly frosted with a creamy, white icing, creating a striking contrast. Around the sides, delicate fondant hearts add a touch of elegance, while the sprinkled shimmering silver edible beads enhance its luxurious appearance.
  • Freshly baked with the finest ingredients, this cake offers a taste experience like no other. Its moist, velvety texture melts in your mouth, releasing a harmony of flavors. The cocoa-infused red sponge pairs exquisitely with the smooth, cream frosting.
  • Storage Guidelines: To enjoy this cake at its best, keep it refrigerated. If needed, the cake can be stored in the refrigerator. Before serving, let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes, allowing the flavors to fully develop. These simple storage tips ensure that each slice remains as delightful as the first.

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