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  • UPGRADE TO CATCH PREMIUM PINK ROCK SALT: Catch Premium Pink Rock Salt helps in strengthening bones, improving skin, and digestion.
  • GOOD FOR HEALTH: It contains no chemical additives, rich in natural trace minerals & lower sodium content*. Regular use is known to uplift overall health.
  • SOURCED FROM THE MOUNTAINS: It is found naturally within the mountains and is considered valuable for many centuries. It is believed this is the purest salt on earth
  • FOOD PREPARATION: Everyday cooking ka sehatmand* sathi. It has an earthy taste which enhances the natural flavors. It could be a wonderful ingredient in cooking, grilling, roasting, and seasoning
  • Commonly Searched Keywords: Pink Rock Salt, Rock Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Sendha Namak, Suddha Namak, Pink Rock Salt Powder.

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