Colgate Visible White 200g

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  • DAZZLING WHITE SMILE: Colgate Visible White toothpaste helps you to complete your look with the only beauty essential you need: a dazzling white smile! This teeth-whitening toothpaste helps you get one shade of whiter teeth in one week when used as directed on the pack.
  • INFUSED WITH WHITENING ACCELERATORS: Colgate Visible White toothpaste is infused with whitening accelerators like Silica and Pyrophosphate, that help in removing tobacco stains & teeth whitening by gently exfoliating stains and polishing the surface of your teeth for a beautiful white smile
  • MORE BENEFITS: Colgate Visible White toothpaste a teeth whitening product comes with multiple benefits helping fight cavities and plaque build-up. Our Colgate toothpaste has a refreshing minty flavor that gives you a fresher breath as well.
  • RECOMMENDED ORAL CARE ROUTINE: Brush your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes with Colgate toothpaste, rinse with mouthwash for 30 seconds, & replace your toothbrush every 3 months to keep teeth & gums healthy, preventing tooth decay, gum disease & bad breath

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