Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner

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  • New Comfort Fabric Conditioner now with fragrance pearls gives all-day freshness to your clothes.
  • New Comfort After Wash Fabric Softener Lily Fresh (Blue) 1.5l Can make clothes soft, smooth & great to wear
  • Use New Comfort Fabric Conditioner to get Unbeatable shine & fragrance that detergents alone can't deliver
  • Your New Comfort Fabric Conditioner goes deep into the fibers of the cloth & smoothens them, protecting them from the damage caused by detergent, and gives them a 'new-like shine'
  • New Comfort is a liquid Fabric Conditioner that works well with bucket wash as well as machine wash
  • Container type: Bottle. Scent: Lily Fresh. Your New Comfort Fabric Conditioner has fragrance pearls that get embedded in the fibers of clothes and release fragrance all day!”

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