Coolberg Ginger Non Alcoholic Beer - 250ml

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  • Colbert brings the all-new exciting flavor of Ginger in the form of Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Energy - 33.25 kcal | Protein - 0.0 g | Carbohydrates - 8.31 g | Sugar - 8.08 g | Fat 0.0 g
  • Ingredients - Carbonated Water, Sugar, Barley Malt, Added Flavor - Ginger
  • Flavors Available - Malt, Mint, Ginger, Cranberry, Cranberry Sugar-Free, Peach, Strawberry & Assorted
  • Packed in the new premium glass bottle with high-quality label and outer packaging of the carton which is supported by strong cushioning of foam
  • Colbert is consumed in celebrations and get-togethers. It can be consumed by the entire family as it is also suitable for kids and the elderly as well.
  • Colbert drinks go well with all food cuisines. Popular combinations are Pizza, Pasta, Biryani, Chinese, Dosa, Burgers, etc.
  • Hop in for the happiest brew with India's First 100% Zero Alcoholic Beer

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