Crispy Rice Thick Wholegrain Brown Rice Cake

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  • ALL NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC, HIGH FIBRE, GLUTEN FREE: HAIM Crispy Rice Thick is the perfect snack for everyone who is looking for that JUST RIGHT SNACK
  • NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGAR, NO CHOLESTEROL: Perfect snack that is guilt-free and diet-friendly snacks for all ages
  • They taste great with HAIM natural peanut butter crunchy and smooth, Nutella, jam, butter, or any other bread spreads you or your kids like
  • A great product for product with a good shelf life that is nutritious, filling, and low calorie, especially as a midnight snack and to satisfy your all-day hunger pangs without compromising on diet
  • Adored by athletes & weight watchers around the world, HAIM rice cakes are a great source of complex carbs and dietary fiber
  • HAIM rice cakes can be used as a pre-workout post workout with high protein spreads still low calories

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