Crispy Wholegrain Brown Rice Cake

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Brand : Haim
Diet Type : Gluten Free, Vegan
Flavour : unsalted
Speciality : Organic, Gluten Free, Natural


  • All Natural Haim Crispy Rice Thicks Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes are 100% Organic, High Fibre, ultra low fat, and Gluten Free. They have No Cholesterol, No Preservatives, No Hydrogenated Oils ( No Trans Fat ), and No Sugar. Perfect for Guilt Free and diet-friendly Snacks for all ages.
  • They taste great with HAIM Natural Peanut Butter Crunchy and Smooth, Nutella, Jam, Butter, or any other Bread Spreads you or your kids like. A great product for Pantry with a good shelf life that is nutritious, filling, and low calorie, especially as a midnight snack and to satisfy your all-day hunger pangs without compromising on Diet.
  • Adored by athletes gym goers and joggers around the world, Haim Rice Cake is becoming very popular in India as they are loaded with dietary fiber and are a great source of complex carbs for sustained energy to be used as Pre Workout with High Protein Spreads still low calorie.
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