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  • 🍽️ Stylish Metallic Finish Dinner Set - The aptly named Kohinoor series, inspired by gemstones, is unique and classic. The stylish metallic finish on the dinnerware makes it a great option for festive occasions and other celebrations. The dinner set consists of 1 rice plate - 33 cm, 6 full plates - 27 cm, 6 quarter plates - 19 cm, 2 serving bowls - 1.32 l, 6 soup bowls - 250 ml & 6 veg bowls - 160 ml
  • 🍀BONE-ASH FREE, 100% VEGETARIAN - The dinner sets are completely free of any animal-derived components. They do not contain any bone ash which is perfect for strict vegetarians. They can also be used for festive occasions or after pujas.

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