Home Made Organic Sweet Lemon Pickle

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  • 100% Home Made Oil-free Pickle. Organic Nation Sweet Lemon Pickle is made with an original traditional recipe that gives you the essence of mother's and grandmother's love.
  • Preserved the taste in Glass Jars (Barnis). To preserve its original taste and authenticity, we preserve Foodsbay Sweet Lemon Pickle in earthen glass jars (Barnis) and packed also in glass bottles.
  • The best taste in every bite. This Pickle is salty, sour, spicy, tangy, and fiery. You can enjoy it with every food like khichadi, daliya, daily meals, paratha, chapati, thepla, and every Indian meal.
  • Natural, Authentic, Distinct, and Healthy. All the essentials in Organic Nation Pickle are graven organically with natural and organic methods to ensure the best quality and authentic taste
  • Storage Instructions. For retaining the freshness and taste, take out in required quantities, use spoon only, don’t preserve the taken out quantities open for many days, and keep the jar closed after use
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