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Flavour : Kashmir Multifloral
Speciality : No Added Sugar
Diet Type : Vegetarian


  • Crystallization is a hallmark of authentic raw organic honey. The ratio of natural sugars, mainly glucose and fructose present in pure honey helps determine when and whether that raw honey will crystallize, liquify or remain in a semi-solid colloidal state.
  • Our natural honey is free from traces of antibiotics. We only deal in wild and boutique forest honey varieties where the bees are neither treated with antibiotics nor force-fed sugar syrup. You receive pure organic honey without sugar or sugar syrups. Raw unfiltered honey from the hive to your table.
  • We believe in getting our real honey from the beehive straight into the bottle with minimal processing in between. We neither heat-treat nor homogenize our unprocessed honey. Wild honey is sourced from both forests as well grassland apiaries.
  • Our pure organic honey is bottled straight from the harvested beehive after being strained through a broad sieve. Since all of our honey varieties are minimally processed, these may contain traces of bee pollen and hive wax debris in minuscule quantities.

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