Manna iStrong |Caramel 400g

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Brand : Manna
Container Type : Carton
Flavor : Caramel
Type : Flavored
Coloring Agents : None


  • 50% of Women in India suffer from Iron Deficiency. Iron deficiency in the blood leads to symptoms like frequent headaches, tiredness, hairloss etc. However this condition is largely not recognized and ignored
  • Manna iStrong is one of a kind nutrition drink for women which is CLINICALLY PROVEN to tackle Anemia in 90 days ( 2 servings of 30g per day).
  • Manna iStrong is formulated with Millets and Super Grains and is sweetened with stevia leaf. It has 100% requirement of Iron for women along with 100% RDA of Vitamin C which helps in the absorption of Iron into the blood steam. It also has Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12 which helps in the improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood stream and developing healthier blood cells
  • In 90 days, Haemoglobin increased by 20% which helps in increasing the blood oxygen, which in turn increases stamina and reduces tiredness. It improves stamina by 200%
  • In 90 days, Serum iron increased by 16% and 35% increase in ferratin, which helps in healthier RBC in the blood stream
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