McCain Veggie Fingers - Veggie Delight With Corn, Carrot & Peas

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  • McCain Veggie Fingers - Veggie Delight with Corn, Carrot & Peas. These Veggie fingers filled with corn, carrot and peas are a perfect delight for kids and adults alike.
  • McCain Foods Ltd. is one of the world's largest producers of French Fries and Potato Specialities. Located in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada, McCain has grown to become a global leader in the frozen food industry. From Canada, across the world to Japan, from the tip of Argentina to suburbs in Australia, our tasty and convenient food products are served in restaurants and sold in retail stores; adding nutrition and flavour to family meals time after time.
  • Potato (47%), Vegetable (19%) [Carrot, Green Peas, Sweet Corns], Bread Crumb (Wheat Flour, Yeast, Edible Common Salt, Permitted Class Ii Preservatives [Ins 282], Antioxidants [Ins 300], Batter (Wheat Flour, Corn Strach, Corn Flour, Edible Common Salt, Thickener [Ins 466]), Rice Flakes, Corn Flour, Edible Common Salt, Spices And Condiments Parsley.
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