MILTON New Steel Combi Lunch Box

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  • Colour: Black; Material: Container - Stainless Steel, Tumbler - Plastic; Package Contents: 4 - Pieces New Meal Combi Lunch Box (3 Pc Stainless Steel container - 280 ml Each, 1 Pc Tumbler - 400 ml)
  • Steel Combi is an insulated lunch box and has a soft outer jacket that keeps the food hot and fresh for hours.
  • Freedoms of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof. An extra pocket to carry spoon, fork, handkerchief, medicine, sugar cubes, etc.
  • It contains 3 leak Proof Stainless Steel containers that can be used for dry as well as semi liquid food and 1 leak proof tumbler for water, juice, buttermilk, etc.
  • Compact lunch box to carry a full meal. It is easy to store, clean and maintain, it comes with belt for easy carrying. Ideal for office, college and school students.
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