Muscle Elite Fitness Zerotonic Energy Drink

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Type : Energy Drink
Flavor : Litchi
Form Factor : Powder
Food Preference : Vegetarian
Suitable For : Men, Teen, Adult
Sports Drink Type : Isotonic


  • It is very crucial to restore your energy levels when you are involved in workouts and sports activities. These activities result in loss of electrolytes/ fluids via sweat resulting in fatigue and reduced energy levels.
  • Many athletes and bodybuilders are unable to give their best because of the depleting energy levels during the workout.
  • The best way to stay charged up is to fuel yourself with the best nutritional supplement that is apt to keep you energized and lets you give your best shot. For extended training sessions and impactful workouts, you can go ahead and achieve your goals with Muscle Elite Fitness Isotonic.
  • This potent formula gives you the zing you need to train like a beast.
  •  This supplement fuels you with energy enabling you to carry out your activities for longer durations. Muscle Elite Fitness Isotonic is a great source of hydration and energy for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.
  • This radical formula by Muscle Elite Fitness charges you up with an instant supply of energy that restores the lost electrolytes and helps in boosting muscle recovery in athletes, sportspersons & active gym-goers.

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