Nature Plant Protein Powder, 500g (Rich Chocolate) for Women & Men

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  • Complete Protein Profile: By Nature Plant Based Protein Powder for Men and Women contains 25 g high-quality protein, including 9 essential amino acids and 4.5 g of BCAA per serving (33 g). This superior plant protein blend is derived from pea, brown rice, and mung bean.
  • Provides Endurance and Strength: This plant protein powder contains numerous superfood ingredients, like Turmeric, Piperine, etc. These essential sources of micronutrients are known to speed up recovery, while making the protein easily digestible.
  • Amazing Taste with No Added Sugar: Besides being highly nutritious, By Nature Plant Protein Powder for Women and Men has a delicious, naturally rich chocolate flavour. Additionally, the Plant Protein doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.
  • Usage Direction: Add a single scoop (33 g) of this plant based protein powder to 200 ml of cold water. Shake it for 15-20 seconds, after which your delicious protein shake will be ready. This protein powder is extremely suitable for those following an active lifestyle.
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