Nutrition Best Effective Plant Protein Powder For Men & Women, Plant Based Vegan Protein Supplement (25g protein,22 Vitamins & Minerals

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  • Vegan Plant Protein Powder , Plant Protein Is Better Than Whey Protein Blend Since It Is Fully Vegan Source Of Protein. Plant Protein Along With Superfoods Is More Effective Combination Than The Plain Protein Powder. Also It Is Suitable To Vegetarian And Vegan
  • Vegan Protein Is Made From Naturally Occurring Earth Based Sources. It Is Added With Premium Antioxidants And Superfoods Like Turmeric Extract, Piperine, Papain, Bromelain, Pink Salt Etc. Making It Truly Bold. HIGH BCAA- Each serving delivers over 5.4 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Each serving provides 4 grams of Glutamic Acid.
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES- Each serving of This Whey Protein contains mg of digestive enzymes. Helps in easy absorption of protein.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR & SOY PROTEIN- This Whey Protein does not contain any added Sugar or Soy protein. It also does not contain any preservatives.
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