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  • ENVELOP YOUR TASTE BUDS- Indulge in the delight of enveloping your taste buds with our most-loved gourmet popcorn, Nutty Tuxedo: a perfect amalgamation of dark, milk and white chocolate, balanced with nourishing crunchy almonds. One bite is simply not enough.
  • REVOLUTIONALISING GIFTING- Steer away from customary gifts and gift your loved ones with the sweetest surprise there can be. Be the bedazzler on any occasion be it Christmas, Diwali, Eid, New Year, Raksha Bandhan, Bhaidooj, Holi, Lohri, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries with this unique gift that never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.
  • COLLECTOR’S DELIGHT- Packed in an exquisite, contemporary tin accented with majestic colors that can be reused for infinite purposes! Join us in the sustainability movement by best reusing this lavish tin for storage or decoration. It’s not corny to care about the environment.
  • POPPED WITH PASSION AND CARE- Our popcorn is proudly made with certified NON-GMO corn. Trans-fat and Gluten free. NO MSG. Crunchy, Crispy, and Jumbo sized. We guarantee true bliss in a tin.

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