Myprotein Pea Protein Isolate, 2.2 lb, Chocolate

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Brand : Myprotein
Flavor : Chocolate
Recommended Uses For Product : Fitness


  • CREATED FOR VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS: Our all-natural, dairy-free Pea Protein Isolate is packed with 21g of protein per serving. Made from only plant-based sources, it’s a convenient way to get quality protein into your diet — helping you grow and maintain important muscle, which is vital for progress whether you’re looking to gain size, tone up, or lose weight. Perfect for those training on a plant-based diet!
  • HIGH PROTEIN PEA PROTEIN POWDER: With 21 grams of protein per serving, it will help you to stay feeling fuller for longer, which is great if you're looking to tone up. Plus, there's zero sugar, and only 100 calories per serving, supporting all your fitness goals! It is heat stable and can be easily mixed with sweet and savory dishes for a delicious vegan boost. We think it's the recommended pea protein powder you can find!
  • PLANT-BASED & GLUTEN-FREE: Feel-good nutrition is everything. Our Pea Protein Isolate powder is packed full of feel-good nutritional goodness and balanced with the right amount of super ingredients to power you through the day and keep you fuller for longer. Delicious tasting products for consumption on the go, at school, gym, home, or work. Perfect for any lifestyle and contributing to a good one!
  • PACKED FULL OF NUTRITIONAL GOODNESS: Made with premium ingredients selected for maximum nutritional benefit. Contains no refined sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Our Pea Protein Powder is all-natural and plant-based. Suitable for vegetarians! We never use artificial ingredients or preservatives. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans, children, athletes, or those who are watching what they eat!
  • FOR ANY RECIPE: Whether you prefer shakes, smoothies, or pancakes, our pea protein isolate powder is the right option for you! Mix one scoop of powder in water or milk and shake well. Our protein powder is a great option for breakfast, post, and pre-workouts!

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