Protinex Health And Nutritional Drink Mix For Adults with High protein

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Brand : Protinex
Flavour : Chocolate
Diet Type : Vegetarian
Recommended Uses For Product : For Vegetarians


  • Protinex Rich Chocolate is a vegetarian nutritional beverage mix that is scientifically designed to improve strength in 8 weeks
  • BUY Protinex Rich Chocolate 400g and get FLAT Rs. 500 OFF on all Cult Sport Merchandise – find scratch card inside the pack
  • Protinex Rich Chocolate comes with high protein (34g for every 100g) that helps in building stronger muscles and bones with a delightfully rich & creamy chocolate taste!
  • It also contains 25 vital nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A & D that support: strength, immunity and an active life
  • There is ZERO ADDED SUGAR in Protinex Rich Chocolate

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