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Item Form : Ground
Flavour : Madras Blend
Caffeine Content Description : Caffeinated
Special Ingredients : Coffee
Diet Type : Vegetarian


  • "BREW ANYWHERE! NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED We've made real good coffee easily accessible with our Hot Brew Bags. Brew a robust cup of South Indian Filter Coffee from anywhere without any equipment! Our coffee is carefully balanced to make a cafe-ready cup in 5 minutes. Just add hot water and milk. Pass it between two cups for an authentic, frothy experience. Each bag makes 1 solid cup of Kaapi. 80% Robusta, 20% Chicory."
  • "A GREAT BALANCE OF FLAVOURS Our coffee has its own distinct and rich flavour which is a direct result of our choice of beans. High quality beans, the right roast and a fresh grind make every cup special. Each Brew Bag promises smooth coffee with a hint of natural sweetness that comes from the brewing process."
  • "THE RIGHT ROAST LEVEL It is essential to get the right roast to enhance the flavours of even the best coffee while keeping bitterness away. To ensure our coffee reacts perfectly, we roast our beans in small batches and maintain high standards throughout."
  • "DELIVERING A FRESH CUP IN EACH PACK Our coffee is ground and immediately sealed for dispatch after roasting, every single day. This process locks in all the freshness, aroma, and flavour for a real good cup of coffee that tastes delicious when you brew it at home."

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