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Brand : Fresho
Material Feature : Organic
Colour : Red
Sunlight Exposure : Full Sun
Product Care Instructions : Water
Soil Type : Loam Soil
Moisture Needs : Moderate Watering


  • Prior to sowing: Loose the soil where you are planning to sow the watermelon seed.
  • Make sure the watermelon plant needs good space like pumpkin so select the site where the watermelon can get good space to grow. If you. Have limited space then you can think of growing the watermelon vertically by providing the support of a net.
  • Sowing Process: Now sow the watermelon seeds 3/4 inch deep into the potting mix soil-filled. You can sow 3 or 4 seeds in the soil Then cover the seeds with your potting mix soil.
  • Then provide a thin soil cover above the sown seeds. Provide water with a spray bottle to fully wet the soil but be careful not to water soil so the the seeds may get displaced by their sowing position.
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