Yellow Sunflower Faux Decorative Flower

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  • πŸ’― This flower bouquet is made up of quality material, thus giving a luxurious touch. For those who want to add color to their home decor, these faux flowers are the perfect solution.
  • πŸ’ Decorating your home and vase is now easy. Add this flower bouquet to your vase. These don't need to be replaced every few days and they don’t suffer from any long-term damage.
  • 🌷 The flowers never disintegrate or wither, they remain beautiful and elegant. The flower and stem are fixed together quite strongly, with no flower drop-off. A suitable choice for indoor decor.
  • 🏠 APPLICATION: This flower bouquet is used for desk decorations and table dressing, party decorating. Artificial flowers are also widely used for home, kitchen, office, balcony, and room decoration.
  • 🧾 This flower bouquet is easy to care for and maintain. This versatile decor doesn't require maintenance. Do not wash. Use a dry cotton cloth to remove dirt. NOTE: Vase is not included.

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