When it comes to the execution of the delivery app at the ground level, it is recommended to ponder the skills of the delivery personnel, i.e. if they are well versed with the technology involved, how this delivery app can be beneficial for them as well as the company. By leveraging intuitive designs with simple yet exceptional interfaces, these high-performing delivery apps will gain an impressive momentum that can captivate the interests of the users.

Growcer, being a turnkey software for online multi-vendor grocery marketplace, offers out-of-the-box functionalities for end-customer satisfaction. In an effort to further simplify the process, FATbit team launched Android and iOS apps for the delivery staff. The simplified layout & feature-rich dashboard of these delivery apps will streamline the delivery process, make delivery management easy, super-fast, and that too, on the go.

Let’s gain insights into the Growcer’s features and understand how it has managed to create such an impeccable mobile app for the on-ground delivery agents.